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Kollel Choshen Mishpot of Ohio

Remote Learning Encyclopedia 

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Daf Yomi Resources

  10. - provides great English audio daf yomi shiurim in a very clear manner
  11. has pictures of the daf from the Vilna shas, so you can follow along with the text as you listen.
  12. gives a daf yomi visual shiur and review with animated charts & illustration.
  13.’s audio shiurim deliver a lucid, accurate, and engaging presentation of the pashut p’shat 
  14. is a low cost monthly e-publication for children following the daily study program of Daf Yomi.
  15. presents an in-depth shiur clearly and concisely explaining the main rishonim and achronim
  16. Dafyomi Advancement Forum (DAF) has an extensive collection of resources, including insights, self-assessment questions, rabbanim who will answer your questions about the daf, and more.
  17. has daf yomi audio in Yiddish, given by Rav Avrohom Karp ZT"L.
  18. has daf yomi audio in Hebrew, given by Rav Yehuda Eliyahu.
  19. OU Radio has English audio shiurim from Rabbi Elefant and Rabbi Yosef Grossman
  20. is a phone service in in Israel which answers questions
  21. is a blog for those studying the Daf Yomi
  23. is a worldwide minyan database that has a Daf Yomi Calculator
  25. Omud Yomi

Business Halachah

2-year program 

Provides a curriculum for businessmen to learn the common halachos, with PDF Mareh Mekomos for each topic, and Audio Shiurim. 

Great for a phone chavrusa.

[designed by the Rosh Kollel on behalf of]

Topics covered







Online Libraries

  1. Otzar HaChochma is currently free for everyone:
  2. Sefaria:
  4. many useful site links
  5. has many seforim for download; you can easily get any Masechta in Shas here or Mishna Berura here
  7. Halacha Academy has a bunch of clear, concise Halacha summaries in English:
  9. library of downloads
  12. Artscroll digital library – free 30 day subscription
  13. Corona Cheider – a resource with about 2,500 files for kids of all ages in Yiddish and English.
  14. 24 activity books in Yiddish
  15. Aish Academy (now FREE!)
  16. Gilyonos for Shabbos (pdf files of 432 gilyonos)

Limud B'Iyun



  3. Agudas Yisroel of AmericaShiurim and Yarchei Kallah
  4. Shivti: BMG Resource for many Topics
  5.  NEW:
  6.  NEW: Mechon Horaah Smicha Program
  10. Halachic Videos on Various Topics, Torah Live 
  11. Daily shiurim via zoom from 4:30-5:00 pm – Next to each speaker is a link to the zoom info for that shiur.
  13. has free Torah MP3 classes and Torah reading, including a folder called DAF YOMI GEMARA.
  14. library of downloads


Phone Chizuk

  1. Bitachon Hotline: 732-719-3898
  2. Hashkafa/Mussar: Chovos Halevavos Shaar Habitachon, Speaker: HaRav Simcha Bunim Cohen Rov in Lakewood NJ, Time: 1:25-1:35pm, daily, Call in number: 205-825-9057
  3. Pending: Rav Yisroel Brog
  5. Staying Calm Amidst The Corona Crisis – R. Mordechai Weinberger & Dr. Dovid Lieberman
  6. Helping you and your family navigate the Coronavirus crisis YIDDISH (free but signup required)
  7. Torah Anytime – special section for Corona chizuk (some 300 shiurim in several languages)
  8. special section
  9.  Anonymous support line 888-726-8346
  10. Official central US government website for the virus

For Children

  1. Torah Umesorah Educational Programs ChinuchPhone – Teleconference schooling
  2. Morah and Me – Educational Experience for PreSchoolers
  3. Chumash and Mishnayos
  6. Mishnayos phone system for men and boys ages 9+. Shiurim, tests, weekly raffles, Call: (929) 299-6700
  7. Night Seder America – Nightly Gemara learning program via zoom for boys 6th-8th grade. 8:00pm-8:45pm
  8. Shmiras Hasdorim for Lakewood Bochurim (Prizes) 732-631-4749
  9. Bnos Agudas Yisroel Hotline
  10. What: Middos, Tehillim, ParshaWhere: 720-721-4724
  11. Yeshivas Mordechai HaTzadikWhat: Live presentations for childrenWhen: 30 minute presentation start on the hour, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3,pmWhere: 646-726-9977
  12. Torah Live
  13. · Chinuch at Home – expansive website (not free)
  14. · Chai Lifeline – kids entertainment channel

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