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Rabbi Shimon Cohen Memorial Library 

& Community Initiative

“Applying the Joy of Torah to Our Business Lives”

  • Library of Business Halachic Works
  • Hotline & Email-line for 24/6 questions
  • Public Education
  • Educational Material
  • Research by accomplished scholars
  • Classes on Legal and Business Ethics

A living legend, Rabbi Shimon Cohen was teacher to thousands of young kids and teenagers in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn who recall him with tremendous affection. They tell how he loved them unconditionally for who they were, and how this love for them combined with his love of Torah study impacted their world view paving the way for spiritual success in their future adult lives.

In the words of a former student, “Rabbi Cohen was my teacher and instilled in me (as he did with countless thousands of other students) a love of Judiasm, Torah and Rabbi Cohen. 50 years later I have his picture hanging in my dining room so every Shabbat I can look at his smiling face and feel his love all these years later. He is the benchmark for teachers of Torah and his legacy lives on. My children and grandchildren hear me speak of my Rebbe years later with a tear in my eye and a longing for his inspiring smile and hug and teaching. 50 years later!! I wish I had $Millions so I could support any project done in his memory to a greater extent.”

The library is one of the primary ways that Rabbi Cohen's legacy is perpetuated. The library serves as a resource for Jewish business law and community education, as well as online educational opportunities.

Any donation of $5000 or more will be commemorated with an engraved plaque on the library wall. To donate visit or call 323-303-7010.


The Center for Business Halacha

Kollel Choshen Mishpot is under the leadership of the Rosh Kollel, HaRav Eliezer Cohen Shlit”a, a nephew of Rabbi Shimon Cohen. With the support of his late uncle, Rav Cohen headed a variety of Business Halacha and Choshen Mishpot projects nationwide. He is also the author of multiple seforim (most recently, Shu"t Shiurei Shulchan Aruch, dedicated in his uncles memory).

The Kollel recently moved into its own beautiful location, and has launched an ambitious expansion project - a library and community programs- geared to promoting business halacha. This library will serve as a tremendous community resource, as well as an enduring legacy for the tzadik, our teacher, Rabbi Shimon Cohen Zichrono livracha.

Unique to this Kollel was the need for Avreichim who had already mastered other sections of Shulchon Aruch, and sought to further their growth through the study of Business Halacha. Many of these older Avreichim are already full-fledged Rabbanim, some who have relocated from Eretz Yisroel, Brooklyn and Lakewood to join KCM, and some who already received smichah.