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 Kollel Choshen Mishpot offers Beis Din Services in conjunction with various Botei Din, and does not make recommendations of one over another.

More recently, we have been instrumental in founding an international Beis Din Network, known as the Beis Din Darchei Shalom, founded with encouragement of Rabbonim who saw the need to further streamline the Beis Din process to making it affordable, efficient and easily accessible across the globe. 




1. Initiating a Din Torah Process: $35

A case is initiated when the plaintiff (Toveah) brings a grievance before the Bais Din and requests that the defendant (Nitvah) be summoned to for a Din Torah. This is knows as the first Hazmanah. [The Safra d’Dayna (Rabbinical Secretary) is available for guidance and explanation of the process.]

2. Second & Third Hazmanah Document (Summons): $35 Per Time

Another summons to appear before Bais Din is sent to the defendant. A Jew is obliged to respond to the Bais Din’s summons and appear before the court. If the defendant does not respond, the Bais Din will send the summons twice more before issuing a Siruv.

4. Cost of Din Torah: $65 per side, per hour (in person or via Skype).

5. For a Din Torah on-Location: To fly in one Dayan to any city in the continental US, the cost is $750 per side (includes travel expenses and three hours of arbitration), and $500 per side for each additional Dayan.


For small claims or guidance, the Rosh Kollel is also available for private arbitration . Call for appointment 234-400-9900.


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