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Arbitration & Small Claims Court

              Larger claims, which by nature tend to require a longer process, and usually a full panel Din Torah, are primarily dealt with in a Bais Din setting. However, since arbitration through the Bais Din system can be a costly and adversarial endeavor, a system has been implemented in which litigants with smaller claims (or even Halachic queries) can have their cases heard, and the issues settled calmly and expeditiously in a private setting. 

              The Rosh Kollel, Rav Eliezer Cohen Shlit"a, is available to help with your Choshen Mishpot needs, either through private arbitration or in conjunction with the Bais Havaad Halacha Center (where he serves as a Dayan), and is committed to ensuring a smooth, quick, Halachic resolution.

There are two general options:

LARGER CLAIMS above $2500 for which the parties requested a traditional three panel Bais Din, will generally be heard in conjunction with the Bais Havaad Halacha Center, in person or via Skype, and arranged by Rabbi Dovid Aron Gross, Regional Director of the Bais Havaad Halacha Center (See HERE).

SMALL CLAIMS under $2500 (or Large Claims in which the parties agreed to a single Dayan): The Rosh Kollel is available for private arbitration at the Kollel or in the Bais Havaad Office. He can be reached at: Office: 440-340-1866 / Cell: 323-303-7010 / Fax: 440-512-7077 Email: [email protected] 

Small Claims Protocol:

  • Both sides must be present for the case to be heard.
  • It is recommended that an appointment is made, to avoid waiting. 
  • COST: $25 per side, due before the case is heard. A half-hour slot is allotted for each claim.

All arbitration proceedings are treated with utmost confidentiality.


            Whether in an official court of Jewish Law (Bais Din) or in private arbitration, thorny issues can be worked through and settled, or else they lead to years of stress. In times gone by it was common that when two Jews had a business disagreement, they would come to a Rav to arbitrate. This was so common that a certain Rav bemoaned that Rabbis must make a point to find time for issues of halacha aside from adjudication. Today this has become less common -adjudication that is- yet issues will always exist, and when gone unchecked, lead to gossip, slander, and sometimes, much much worse.

             At times people are afraid of adjudicating in an unfamiliar forum, primarily out of fear of partiality, or simply because they mistakenly assume that a Rav cannot fully grasp their business model. Whatever the reason, the result remains the same, neither party is at peace with the other or within themselves.

           Arbitrators via KCM, are not beholden to any specific donor base or membership committees. We apply the enormous combined resource of knowledgeable Rabbonim and a full-time Kollel in researching the nuances of the halacha, providing both parties with a clear directive as to what is the will of Hashem, as communicated with us through his Torah. 

          Just as every observant Jew believes that the laws of Kosher food are a clear Torah directive, so are the laws of “Kosher” business, which are aimed at bringing peace and closure to any disagreement.

For question or to make an appointment please contact us via email by clicking HERE.